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damn i havent posted in a while

hello :)

ive been depressed. im better. ive lost 10 pounds in the past month. im still heavy. i cheated on my diet a lot this week and paid for it. word to the wise: nuts give you tummy trouble. i love yoplait smoothies. im going to disney world in december. i went last december too. we're going for the same 10 days for my birthday. i'm extremely excited. i've also recorded a bunch of new songs on youtube, and by a bunch i mean like.... 2 or 3. i'll post those at the bottom. in the mean time, i want to do a promotion for sunshine rewards. they're a site that you can do surveys as well as doing cashback from a lot of shopping, and I use them so i can earn disney gift cards (but there are other gift cards or even paypal transfers). i've got almost 30 bucks right now, but last year before my disney trip, i got 50 bucks and did receive my gift card - it really, honestly works. feel free to sign up :)

Earn Cash Back at Sunshine Rewards

and if you forgot what i look like, look at my videos. ♥♥♥

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2009 Scrapbook

spattergroit, who is on my friends list, did this, and I found it really creative. 2009_scrapbook
i rarely update, so im afraid the journal stuff will all be the same, but it's still a fun idea on my year in review.

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okay, so thats it. this will be updated throughout the year - just 1 entry, so if you're that interested, you'll have to click on the tags (or go to my main page - it'll be on top!)
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friends only

May 30, 2004

made by whatever_stuff

so heres the thing - pretty much everything is friends only, with the exception of my 2009 scrapbook and videos of me singing. if by any chance you feel you want to follow my oh-so-entertaining life, here is some shit you should follow:
- please comment as to how i know you, and if i don't, why you'd want to friend my journal. i mean i know i'm one of the most interesting people in the world (har har) but humor me.
- i am not here to receive your spam, so i'd appreciate it if you don't shove it at me. i don't want to join so-and-so's rating community or help you get a "free ipod" from one of those pyramid sites.
- i'd greatly appreciate it if you had intelligence, and by that I mean you use proper spelling and typing (so none of the "lyke he totilly azked me outtttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kthxbye"). actually if you ever used kthxbye in your life, don't comment here. I despise that so-called "phrase", if you will.
- there is a reason why LJ lets you spell check before you post. genius has no O in it.

i hope those work for you. if not... well... this isn't your journal, so I don't give a damn.
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years ago i had to give them up - i had bumps forming on the back of my eyelids and until now i didnt know it was just because of allergies :( but YAY I CAN WEAR THEM AGAIN AND IM WEARING THEM NOW UNTIL 6PM OMFG :D

(oh, and i have 2 new youtube videos up. please look at them. ive even conveniently put them under a cut for you)

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